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Friday, 04 January 2019 21:01

How useful are meetups for business networking?

There are no benefits inherent to a meetup.

Any that are gained are due to your ability and willingness to leverage a specific meetup and what it has to offer.

You can join Meetup for free and then join any meetup that is on-line. Some are free, some cost you to attend. Some might be restricted to a specific group.

Once a meetup has been posted, you are able to see who has said they are planning to attend. This allows you to screen them to see if there is anyone that would be worth your while to meet should you attend.

A meetup may be planned around a specific activity. There may or may not be an opportunity to meet & greet the other attendees. If the activity is something you are involved in, attending it would increase the chances of you meeting like-minded individuals. So yes, this could be useful.

If you don’t see a meetup that suits your needs, you could always start your own. It isn’t overly expensive on a yearly basis. I had several of them for a few years for the specific purpose of creating business networking opportunities.

I had one I called Coffee & Connections, where we met in a local coffee shop. Who ever showed up… showed up. We went around the table with elevator pitches then discussed a specific topic of interest to business owners.

So yes, I think they are useful if you strategically take advantage of what they have to offer.

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