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Friday, 27 January 2017 08:23

Can you do too much networking?

This question appears to be looking for a definitive answer, where only subjective responses will be provided.

If one defines ‘networking’ as the face-to-face or online interaction with another person, for business purposes and they spend all their time meeting people, at the expense of doing other activities involved in running a business, then perhaps you can do too much networking.

However, if you look at the process of networking as being composed of a series of activities, then perhaps not.

Effective networking is composed of the following activities [and likely even more!]:

· Face to face meeting and interaction

· Researching online the other person (before and after meeting them)

· Looking for areas of common interests

· Providing something of value to the other person (product/service) without expectation of something in return

· Keeping up to date with your connections developments

· Providing public and personal recognition to your connections

· Connecting your connections with other connections for mutual benefits

· Providing referrals to connections that you trust

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing is quoted as saying ‘If you’re not networking … you’re not working!”

Networking needs to be part of your daily activities but not at the expense of running your business.

Thanks for your question.


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